Ekopel 2k Bath Coating

What is it?

A high-viscosity two-component liquid polymer coating that is poured rather than sprayed for cast iron, steel and plastic bathtub resurfacing.

Features and Benefits

  • Odourless. No hazardous diluters used in manufacturing of the material.
  • High density and excellent coverage.
  • Perfect adhesion to steel and cast iron.
  • No streaks, no bubbles.
  • UV resistance.
  • Harmless to humans and the environment (when solidified).
  • Freezes at the temperature below 0, does not lose its properties after defrosting.
  • No diluters needed to make the product ready. Component A and component B need to be thoroughly mixed, without diluters.
  • No heavy spray and respirator equipment to carry.
  • Entire job is complete in two hours.
  • Twenty year service life of the applied coating with regular care.

Now available in North America.  Exclusive to Milestone Bath Products.

Can be used on tiled floors or shower pans!


A great solution for clawfoot tubs!


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