Ceramic Tile Repair

New Jersey's bathroom tile repair and resurfacing experts.

Unsightly ceramic tile that’s old, dull, or even cracked can make your kitchen or bathroom look shabby. We can solve that problem without remodeling your whole room.

Our ceramic tile repair service has several benefits versus costly replacement. Since tile resurfacing is performed by spraying a coating directly over the existing tile, there’s no messy removal of your old tiles. An often unexpected benefit of ceramic tile repair is that you don’t have to worry about ugly grout lines and the potential to build mildew in your grout. Our ceramic tile repair completely seals in the grout preventing any possibility of mildew!

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Kitchen Ceramic Tile Refinishing

Ceramic tile repairs save you the time, trouble and mess of replacing your old tiles.

Kitchen ceramic tile refinishing restores your countertop or wall tiles to like-new condition. Once cured, our ceramic tile refinishing leaves a high gloss and is as durable as the original surface and easy to clean. And with the grout completely sealed, cleaning is really a snap!

Update the look of your kitchen by changing the color of your tiles without the mess and cost of actually replacing them.

Most of our customers feel that because the grout is sealed, our ceramic tile refinishing results in a surface that’s superior to brand new tile.

Call the NJ ceramic tile refinishing experts now!

Bathroom Tile Repair

Kitchen and bathroom ceramic tile refinishing renews your tiles and makes them look brand new.

Our bathroom tile repair process involves cleaning, spot checking and filling grout lines if applicable. We acid etch the surface for optimal adhesion, then we apply three coats of epoxy undercoat and six coats of topcoat. While we’re at it, we’re able to give your bathroom a whole new look by changing the color of your old, outdated tiles.

Like bathtub refinishing, most bathroom tile repair jobs are completed in four to five hours and you can begin using the surface in about 24 hours. For floors, walls, or tub and shower enclosures, our bathroom tile repair services will save you money, mess and time. And cleaning the refinished and repaired bathroom tiles is even easier than before we refinished them.

Ask today about how much you can save with bathroom tile repair and resurfacing.

Customer Reviews
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  • February 19, 2018
    Joe S
    John was great he re-grouted my bathroom. He also fixed a water leak and re-caulked my tub. He informed me that he added duct cleaning to his services and i was happy to give him the opportunity to clean ours. The price was very affordable. Highly recommended.
  • February 6, 2018
    Evelyn A
    We only have GREAT things to say about John, Gerard and Johnnie, The crew from American Bath ! Nice Stand up guys, reliable and very communicative. We met with John (The owner) of American bath after an uncomfortable and high-pressure meeting with "bath-fitters", we googled for alternatives to them and got lucky and found American Bath. We will definitely use them again and would refer them to anyone!
  • January 8, 2018
    John P
    Most importantly, the quality of the work was excellent. AND the people were wonderful as well. This was my third job with them; so I know the work LASTS!
  • December 9, 2017
    John and his team at American Bath Resurfacing transformed my shower into a shiny new space. His customer service is responsive and courteous. I would recommend American Bath should you wish to reglaze your shower or tub.
  • December 6, 2017
    John & his crew did a fantastic job. We are very satisfied with the work that they did for us. I would recommend them.
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