Ceramic Tile Floors

Ceramic Floor Tile Installation

Ceramic tile floor installation

There are a number of benefits to having a ceramic floor tile installation in your New Jersey home. In addition to the fact that it requires little in the way of maintenance, this type of flooring ranks high among the most durable and damage-resistant flooring types. Ceramic floor tile lasts longer than most other flooring, making it a sound investment for your home.

Tile décor options are limited only by your imagination. Tile types run the gamut from southwestern to sophisticated; you can literally find a pattern or color to match any room of your home. Colors range from bright and bold to muted and conservative; no matter what you are looking for, we can provide it for you.

The ceramic tile floor installation process is simple, but should be handled by a flooring professional to ensure that the tile functions and presents as it should. If you find you are in need of ceramic floor tile installation, it’s best to consult with us to arrange to have tile flooring installed in your NJ home.

In terms of cost-effectiveness, investing in a ceramic floor tile installation may be the most sound flooring investment you can make for your home. An added bonus is the fact that a ceramic tile floor installation in your home increases the potential resale value as prospective buyers will instantly notices your beautifully designed tile flooring.

If you’re a NJ homeowner, call and find out how easy and affordable ceramic floor tile installation can be!

Floor Tile Repair

Professional floor tile repair can restore the beauty of your kitchen.

Even with the best ceramic floor tile installation, ceramic tile flooring can become damaged over time. Most often, the damage comes in the form of cracks, as the result of heavy objects being dropped on the floor. Tile can also come loose as the surface below it shifts from natural movements, such as settling of your house or small movements of the ground. Grout can also become dislodged over time as well as mold or crack. Expert floor tile repair is available to maintain the look and durability of your flooring.

In most instances, specific floor tile repair is far more cost-effective for you if we can replace individual broken tiles instead of replacing the entire floor. If you are dealing with an issue of chipped tile, it’s not a good idea to simply glue it back in place. This kind of repair is quite visible and the glue may not hold for long. Your best bet is to work with a floor tile repair professional to replace that particular tile. If you are the type of homeowner that plans ahead, keep extra squares of tile when the flooring is originally installed in case you eventually need to replace broken or chipped tiles. Most manufacturers have the same tile in the same color, but each batch has its own particular shade, so matching can be difficult. While this can be a do-it-yourself job, working with a New Jersey flooring professional on your ceramic tile floor installation will ensure that the tiles match and that the floor tile repair job is done the right way the first time around.

Call to find out if ceramic floor tile repair is best for your problem.

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  • January 11, 2020
    Patrick L.
    John & Gerard were great. Prompt, clean and got two old 1950s bathrooms looking brand new. I would recommend them to anyone and my daughter-in-law is planning to use them when she is ready to update her bathroom.
  • September 18, 2018
    Claus F.
    Great Service
  • May 26, 2018
    Bill D
    John and Gerard are great guys. They gave me a fair quote and were very honest. The guys showed up on time each day and did great work. Wouldn’t hesitate for a second to use them again. Thanks for getting us our bathroom back in time for the holiday weekend!
  • May 14, 2018
    Judy & Richard D.
    Gerard and Johnny removed our tub and converted the area to a shower, and we are over-the-moon happy with the results! The job was done with excellent quality work and quality materials. We knew we had something special when Gerard carefully (without our asking) removed the decorative ceramic border tiles from the old bath area without breaking them, and then replaced them when the work was done. It was a thoughtful gesture, just one of many that we appreciated. The work was completed in the time given by John, and as he had assured us, they were unbelievably neat in their work and clean-up. We are confident that should any problem develop, a phone call to the company will have someone here immediately – because they are that reliable. An outstanding job! -
  • March 19, 2018
    Paul G.
    If you are looking to have your bathroom renovated, look no further. John at American Bath is very knowledgeable and easy to work with. The company is a 3 man operation that works like a well oiled machine! We bought most of the materials on our own and they installed everything (new floors, subway tile in the tub, vanity, toilet and baseboard trim) They showed up when they said they would and completed the job in THREE days. Do yourself a favor and go with American Bath for your next bathroom remodel!
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